"Herr, wen Du lieb hast, den lässest Du fallen in dieses Land.

Ludwig Ganghofer, Author of Berchtesgaden novel, "The Martinsklause“

… right in the National Park of Berchtesgaden, surrounded by the breathtaking
mountain scenery of the bavarian alps, at the most southern part of upper
Bavaria, there is Berchtesgaden, next to the austrian Mozart-city Salzburg.

…. but why is Berchtesgaden that attractive?

… The town Berchtesgaden with the bavarian charme and tradition, the
traditional food, the famous lake Königssee, Watzmann the second highest
mountain of Germany (2714m asl), lake Hintersee with the magical forest, the
Jenner, the salt mines, a huge variety of hiking trails for everyone, and of
course the old legends and stories about the region…
And much more…

Historical dates

about 4000 years ago
Hunter and Fishermen should have been visited Berchtesgaden already.
year 1102 (probably)
The beginning of the history of Berchtesgaden with the establishment of the
Augustinian Canons Berchtesgaden, by the Counts of Sulzbach.

1102- 1803
For 700 years about 47 provosts reigned Berchtesgaden.
From the beginning of the story of Berchtesgaden, they speak about „ the
white gold“, the salt.

1803- 1810
Resolution of the ecclesiastical power and the belonging to Bavaria.
During this time Berchtesgaden belonged to Salzburg, then to the emery of
Austria, even to France.

Berchtesgaden now belongs to the Kingdom of Bavaria and experienced a
great economic boom. Scientists, painters and artists came to Berchtesgaden.
They built big houses and greenery.
Because of the railways and streets wich were built, Berchtesgaden became a
famous for the tourists.
For example, they opened a nature reserve around the lake Königssee, today
the National Park of Berchtesgaden.

untill 1933
At Obersalzberg, there are hotels, restaurants, a recreation area and a
children’s sanatorium.

untill 1937
The Obersalzberg became a restricted area, there it was the so-called "leaders
held“ with the „ Berghof Hitler“.
Today, the „Eagle’s Nest“ and the Main station of Berchtesgaden are still
national socialistic buildings.
All owners lost their private property, incase of the third empire.

april 1945
Obersalzburg was really damaged by a bomb attack.

The end of the War.
Most of the area was confiscated by the Americans for their own recreational

When the american armed forces were gone, the free state of bavaria became
the owner of the area Obersalzberg.
You can get a lot of information about the time of the National Socialism and
the history about the Obersalzberg area and Berchtesgaden at the
Documentation Center Obersalzberg.

Berchtesgaden became a popular tourist area.

Villages close by

Ramsau, Maria Gern, Bischofswiesen, Schönau am Köngssee, Bad Reichenau, Mozartstadt Salzburg (bekannt aus Sound of Music), Salzkammerngut…